Green Mamba Snake

The green mamba snake, which is also known as Dendroaspis viridis, is glossy grass-green in color with light bright green underside and averages 1.8 meters or 5.9 feet in length.  The longest green mamba snake recorded was 3.7 meters or 12 feet in length.  The green mamba snake lives in the forests of southeastern African near the coast stretching from the Eastern Cape in South Africa through Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Southern Malawi and Eastern Zimbabwe.   This venomous snake can be found living in the trees of the African forest and is rarely ever found on the forest ground unless following prey or basking. 
Unlike the black mamba snake, the green mamba snake is shy and non-aggressive.  The green mama usually will swiftly make a get away if it feels threatened unless it is continuously being provoked.  Like the black mamba, they will flatten their necks into a narrow hood as a defensive posture.  The green mamba’s venom contains calcicludine, dendrotoxin, and other neurotoxins, which is similar to the black mamba’s venom.  Even though the green mamba and the black mamba share the same venom, the green mamba’s venom is one-tenth as toxic as the black mamba and the amount injected is generally less due to the snakes size. 
The green mamba’s prey consists of adult and juvenile birds, birds’ eggs, and small mammals.  Green mambas usually stay in the trees unless they are looking for food.  Young green mambas usually eat other reptiles such as chameleons and other small lizards. 

Green mamba males are known to engage in combat for mating rights, similar to the combat practiced by male king cobras. The combat involves wrestling matches, with snakes twisting and pushing each other to the ground, which may last several hours. Combat does not usually include biting.  The female green mamba lays around 6-17 eggs during the summer months. The eggs are usually laid in a hollow tree among decaying vegetation. Hatchlings measure between 35 and 45 cm (13 to 18 inches) and are venomous from birth.

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Green Mamba Snake